Get Paid Cash Just to Upload Videos to YouTube. Really? Here’s my Detailed Review.

In February 2013, a new program called TubeLaunch was introduced. Its main advertising message was ‘Get Paid Cash Just to Upload Videos to YouTube’. From my years of experience researching hundreds of online as well as brick & mortar income opportunity offers, I can usually watch a headline and with great accuracy tell what the program is all about. This one had me asking questions.

My initial thoughts were
1. Why would companies pay others to upload their marketing videos?
2. Is it that they want mass uploads so that more people could see them?
3. Is it too time-consuming, and therefore unfeasible, for their employees to upload them?
4. How much will a company pay to upload a video?
5. What is the average length of each video?
6. Will it be worth my time?

I then reviewed the TubeLaunch website in greater detail looking for clues that would tell me what this program was all about. With the billions of views YouTube gets every month, it’s no surprise that these businesses want to market their products via YouTube.

I decided to join TubeLaunch to see if this program did what they claimed. The cost to become a member is a one-time payment of US$34.00. They offer an unconditional 60 days money-back guarantee, so I figured there was nothing to lose.

Once you login as a member you will be taken to their friendly dashboard. The course consists of 18 really simple video tutorials. The length of the videos range from 1:22 to 15:33, with the average being about 6 minutes. The videos are all of the highest quality, no blurry or low volume videos here at all. These guys invested a lot of time and money on the videos and layout of the website. The videos follow a natural step-by-step flow from introduction to completion.

Video 1 (5:37) introduces new members to the layout and shows how to navigate the site. TubeLaunch
Video 2 (11:28) shows you how to register and access the huge database of companies from which to choose.
Video 3 (11:15) covers the categories of products that are available and how to choose the best videos to download.
Video 4 (5:49) shows step-by-step how to create a special ID to be associated with each video you choose so that the company will know who is to be paid.
Video 5 (15:33) explains how to use your newly created ID to upload the videos.
Video 6 (6:16) points you to a free tool you must add to your browser in order to download the companies’ videos.
Video 7 (3:45) shows you how to create your YouTube account.
Create Youtube AccountVideo 8 (4:56) introduces you to a free online program you can use to edit the video.
Video 9 (11:27) explains how to add an attractive image to the end of the video using the program introduced in Video 8.
Video 10 (6:53) shows you how to create a thumbnail image for the video so that when it shows up in a YouTube search, it will attract many more viewers.
Video 11 (8:44) covers how to upload your video, add a title, description, tags and link the video back to the company’s website.
Video 12 (10:38) explains how to upload more companies’ videos to increase your income.
Video 13 (6:30) shows how to link your uploaded videos so that they rank higher when a search is done.
Videos 14 to 17 reveal how to use free services to get more views on YouTube.
Video 18 (3:33) explains how to buy views (optional).

So how does the program work?
This program is actually better than the advertisement claims. In fact, I would go so far to say that the advertisement is a bit misleading. You are not paid per video you upload.

When you upload a company’s video on YouTube and someone views it, they are directed to the company’s website. If they buy the product on the site you earn a commission from the sale. What is the commission? Get this… 50% to 75% of the sale! In other words, if you were being paid $1.00 to upload each video, your income to upload 5 videos would only be $5.00. The truth is you can earn quite a lot more money the way the program works. Compared to getting paid to upload each video, your potential earnings will be much greater because millions of people could be viewing each video you upload. If a small fraction buys the product, how much money do you think you could make? Think about it.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this program was launched in February of this year (2013) and already hundreds have joined, including myself.

Pros and Cons
• No long PDF files or written materials to study
• High quality videos
• Simple step-by-step tutorials
• No special technical knowledge required
• Can be done anywhere with internet access
• Very small investment
• Great work-at-home opportunity
• Excellent earning potential

• Advertising is a bit misleading. You are not paid per video upload.

From my years of experience, this is one of the best income opportunities I have come across in many years. In this information age with billions of people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, businesses have no choice but to find ways of getting their products in front of these potential customers. Companies are investing more money on their social media marketing than the usual radio, television and newspaper ads. It is said that ‘word of mouth is the best form of advertising’. A ‘Like’ on Facebook or recommendation on Twitter goes much further than spot advertising in the media. This program will be a winner for years to come.

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